Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eat These Great Cancer - Fighting Grains for Good Health

Here’s a list of foreign-sounding words that may help reduce your risk of cancer: kasha, quinoa, millet, and spelt.

Yep, a recent study revealed that whole grains -- and those are all fine examples -- may have yet another health benefit. They may help reduce your risk of cancer of the small intestine.

Gutsy Grains
Not too worried about getting cancer down there? Although it’s less common to get cancer there, your small intestine actually isn’t very small -- or insignificant. It makes up about 75 percent of your digestive tract! And in a large-scale study of adults, those who reported eating the most whole grains at the start of the study were 41 percent less likely to have developed cancer of the small intestine 7 years later. Researchers believe that certain nutrients found in abundance in whole grains -- like B vitamins, fiber, minerals, and phenols -- may be responsible for the protective effect. Find out why whole-grain foods can also make your skin glow this summer.

Recipe Corner
Ready to venture beyond your wheat bread and Cheerios? Give a few new grains a try with these delicious and easy recipes from EatingWell:

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